Thursday, December 22, 2016

washed out

a few days ago, I decided to finally wash the dark green jacket that Willy left for me. I gave my yellow jacket to Willy and I still remember when he said that he loved to wear it because there's still a whiff of my scent there. He also told me that he wore my jacket when he was doing a check up at RSHS.

for you, washing jacket might be just an incosequential thing to do. but well, you know, I haven't washed his jacket for more than a year now. I sniffed on the jacket right before I washed it and there's still a teeny bit of willy's scent left there. I cried. But with washing that, I told myself that I'm ready to go on a new journey. to start fresh.

While of course I'll still be clutching my memories of Willy in my heart, I also need to keep on moving forward, with or without a partner. I'm not afraid, really. it's just that I'm drop dead tired. I don't know how long I could stand still. But as long as I'm strong enough, at least I've always been trying, through tears and laughter.

and just a week ago, I lost someone that's very dear to me. I keep on losing someone, that's so sad. I won't talk much about it though...

but anyway, again, with or without partner, I will try to keep on moving. I'll trudge down the way.

May God be with me

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