Monday, September 12, 2016

One year ago, today part II

Willy died - this very time, one year ago. When Willy died, he takes away the most part of my heart with him.  Even until now I still feel empty inside.

It's 11:34 now... this very time - one year ago- I wept deeply besides him. Forcing him to just freaking wake up! It's been an hour since his HOD. the doc announced it was at 10.15 pm. I'd never ever forget that horrifying moment.

by the way. I can't really talk much now. I'm so distressed right now and wouldn't be as articulated as per se... you know, though there's lots of stuff I want to talk about. Particularly about my feeling and depression. though, I'm telling you now that I've been TRYING to let it all go and just to be happy. But sometimes, it's hard you know? I gotta keep thinking that "Willy is better with the Lord now than when he's with me in the world."

I'll make a full post about the last day saw him in the hospital later... It's a sad sad story. But I think some people just need to know. And in case, I'll (or might) die soon. because my PH is killing me. idk I just want want want to meet him soon, and btw I really will :) I'm off to cirebon today, just like 5 hours from now. I've been wanting to pay him a visit. I'll get lots of rose petals for him :)

still love you and will always love you yea?

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