Monday, July 18, 2016

I don't have anyone but you

One day, Willy pmed me on facebook saying that he got something that really stressed him out, and told me that he really need to talk to me. But he added this:

Willy: I admit it's all because of me, you did nothing wrong. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you...
I don't have anyone else but you, and I don't know who to talk to.

To my surprise, what he wanted to talk about is about his vague idea about hauling himself out of the guild in ragnarok. (I left first tho) -.- Lmao I brust on laughing, He approached me with a very serious "tone" I thought it was something that's super important. But I knew he'd be so guilty about quitting the guild, because the guild master is our irl friend. but seriously ahaha... it's just a game for me so I said sorry to him because I left first (thing just doesn't go right for me there).

Anyway, it's really sad for him to say that "I don't have anyone else but you"
he said this to me several times on different occasions.
"I'm lonely" "I'm glad that I have you now" "I don't know who to talk to" "I don't have anyone else but you"
"I want to be with you" "I miss you" "I want to hug you now" :(

Why? you know
Willy shares my pain
He feels what I feel
He's lacking a figure in a family
Just like me

difference is, things go a bit better for him later on, but not for me.
good for him. I don't want him to feel what I feel, or to be as lonely as me.

I'm really lucky to have him.
I'm really blessed to be loved by him.
Willy just simply know how I feel. know almost all the causes to why I'm like this.
He told me that I've been alone for too long already, and that I need to be healed by staying close to someone that really care for me. Oh my god... can you imagine how much I'd cry hearing those caring word? I'm not exaggerating but not even a family would say that to me.
For me, Willy and my father are the only 'real' family I have now.

He knows how much I've been in pain because he himself experienced the same thing.
we share similar childhood and family background.
So being in a same frequency, we clique each other perfectly.

No one will ever love me as much as Willy love me
and I'd never love anyone just as much as I love Willy :)

That being said

He's my everything
And I'm his everything

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